Coach Maddox Chess Services

"Chess teaches students to gather information, evaluate alternatives, make decisions, reassess the situation based on new information, and formulate new plans continuously. Chess is the art of decision-making based on persistent attention to detail. Success is earned the old fashioned way, one position at a time. Along the way players learn to respect themselves and each other for their accomplishments across the chessboard. I believe that feedback is the key to improvement - a coach's job is to eliminate years of trial and error by cultivating strengths and correcting holes in his students' games. I've never met a kid who couldn't learn chess - those lucky enough to want to learn and honest enough with themselves to accept help have a lifetime of fun and challenge ahead of them." - Don Maddox

About Coach Maddox

Don Maddox served as the Middle School Competition Chess Coach for Discovery and Liberty Middle Schools in Madison City last year.  In 2015, the Discovery Middle School chess team won 1st place at the Alabama State Chess Championship.  Don is the author of 13 chess books and training CDs and has an extensive background in chess, including:


  • Editor of Chess Life Magazine 1988-1990
  • Chess Correspondent for USA Today 1990-1995
  • President ChessBase USA 1990-2007
  • Chess Consultant to IBM’s Deep Blue 1988-1997, supporting the Deep Blue Team who defeated Kasparov in 1997

Private Lessons

Coach Maddox offers private coaching as well as free opportunities for players of all ages to play together.  With over 40 years of experience coaching chess, he is the perfect go-to choice for private chess lessons.  Private lessons cost $60 per hour, and can be scheduled on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.  For more information, or to schedule a private lesson, contact Coach Maddox.

Club Meetings

Coach Maddox hosts the following FREE weekly group chess meetings:

  • Monday Nights - Space City Chess Club - Residents of both Madison and Huntsville gather at Sunny Street Cafe for both friendly games and club-rated quads.
  • Sunday Mornings - Adults Only Group - Adult chess players gather at Hitachi for friendly games, and to share what they are learning.
  • Sunday Afternoons - Coaches' Kids Group - Kids of all ages and ability levels are invited to play at Hitachi and share what they are learning.
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